More About Me

What I bring to the table.

Since founding SuperNova Real Estate in 2006, Nova Shank has dedicated himself to more than just transactions; he is committed to building lasting legacies for his clients. Upholding the core values of Impeccability, Enrichment, Ambition, and Monumental Moments, Nova offers a comprehensive approach that extends beyond the sale.

Through the SuperStar Listing Service, Nova and his team meticulously prepare properties to ensure they are showcased at their best, maximizing investment returns. This full-service package includes cleaning, landscaping, staging, professional photography, and targeted marketing, all designed to enhance the value of your property.

Nova’s innovative Partnership Program provides specialized support for property owners, probate attorneys and estate executors, facilitating efficient asset liquidation with a focus on transparency and customized solutions. His skill in managing complex situations—from distressed properties to high-stakes corporate dealings—and his compassionate approach to clients facing health challenges, ensure that every client’s broader financial and personal aspirations are considered.

At SuperNova Real Estate, we believe in mentorship and continuous education for our brokers to guarantee that every client receives superior service. Nova’s "Never Give Up" philosophy and dedication to forging strong relationships mean that working with SuperNova is not just about buying or selling property—it’s about creating a lasting legacy.

Nova Shank and his team are your partners in building that legacy, whether you are buying, selling, or investing in real estate.